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Welcome to Sysco Kelowna

Mesquite Chicken Mostaccoli
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A Fresh Seafood Program for your Business:

Sysco Kelowna is continually Seafood Solutions Guideassessing and meeting the needs of our customers.We
have partnered with companies in Vancouver, Victoria, PEI, and Boston that specialize in
specific aspects of the seafood industry to provide our customers with the most
comprehensive fresh seafood program.

* Updated for 2013

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Crab Species Booklet:

Sysco Kelowna's Seafood Solutions Crab Species Booklethas created a guide to the different Crab Species available for purchase today. Learn about the different varieties of  options for your customers. Fine fresh product straight to you.

Crab Species Booklet

Also - Finfish facts - Finfish Guide



Produce Product Catalog:


Produce Guide

Did you know produce makes up two-thirds of every plate! That is why we created this product catalog – to provide our operators with a produce-specific guide to help build business in this highly profitable category.

This catalog will show you innovative ways to increase your produce yield through menu expansion and quality assurance. You’ll also learn why Sysco is committed to making the necessary investments to ensure high quality, competitively-priced, safe and sustainable foods is being provided to our customers.

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